• Creating corrected & formatted text documents, eBOOKS for KINDLE, NOOK, KOBO and more!
  • Do you have an out of print book?
  • Lost the original electronic copy but still have a printed copy?
  • Want to re-edit your book in MS Word (or similar word processing package) without having to reformat and correct errors within OCR text?



DDSR Document Scanning, offers a complete start-to-finish conversion service for producing an eBook from a printed book. The digital file can then be made available for online access, download, archive and reference. Our conversion service will provide you with a fully text corrected and formatted electronic copy which can be supplied in multiple formats such as .txt, .PDF, .doc, ePUB and more.


We will scan your work at high resolution, extract the text from the scanned pages, correct, check and format the text so that it matches the original print and convert the electronic file in to the requested format, such as .doc, .PDF, ePUB etc.

Unlike other companies that might only use automated OCR software with claims of 98-99% accuracy, we have found that in reality, the true accuracy can be far from this and can be seen in many ebooks.


Example: A 250-page novel may have around 310,000 characters in it. Even with only a 2% error rate, this would equate to over 6000 wrong characters. Even the best OCR systems can still provide even higher error margins where each additional 1% in error rate could equate to 1000's of characters. Would a publisher print a book or an author want their book printed with over 6000 character mistakes in it?


As such, DDSR does not rely solely on OCR for text extraction, but rather only uses OCR for the initial extraction of text, we then manually correct and check the characters, so providing true 99.9%+ accuracy. We feel this provides a far higher quality of service and product.


This electronic file can then be re-edited in a standard word processing package such as MS Word if required. We can also provide a Conversion-to-ePUB service that recreates the corrected file in to a VERIFIED ePUB file for uploading to eBook sites for use on devices such as Nook, Kobo, Amazon Kindle etc, or used as an electronic copy for republishing, archiving, editing etc.


If you already have a scanned file that has had OCR, DDSR can still provide a text correction, checking and ePUB conversion service. Please contact us for details.