Whether it's a single drawing, backlog scanning for importing in to a current or future document management system, a single novel or library of books and journals, whatever your requirement is, DDSR can provide a scanning service tailored to suit your needs and budget.
On average, our clients have saved over 60% on their off-site storage costs by having DDSR scan their files.


DDSR has the in-house scanning equipment to digitise files of any format, be it paper, drawings, microfilm, microfiche etc. and experienced staff to ensure the highest quality of serice is provided at all time.


DDSR can provide several options for retrieving documents. From basic retrieval from a local computer or server, to remote access from any PC, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, TabletPC etc, or a full document management system.

Physical files and folder structures can be digitally recreated, with the scanned copy being bookmarked (PDF) and named so as to reflect the original document and filing structure.

DDSR can use the Windows filing structure so as to ensure files are easy to locate and can be integrated in to current or future document management systems.

Developed over our years of experience, our scanning techniques ensure that key data is captured accurately and the end product is suited to the clients needs.